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The EMG GOLD Podcast

Nov 26, 2019

This week, the EMG-Health Podcast features Jonathan interviewing Montel Williams. They touch upon Montel's military and entertainment career and discuss the MS diagnosis that led to his advocacy of cannabis as a legitimate means of therapeutic treatment.

Nov 19, 2019

Sen and Kirstie offer a preview into what our readers can expect from the November issue of GOLD magazine. They reveal the identity of our Catalyst interviewee and discuss some of the exciting topics, including AI and the power of happiness...

Nov 12, 2019

This week, EMG's COO, Dan Scott welcomes Eric Bouilloux, Chief of Staff, Global Medical Affairs, Ipsen to the EMG office. Eric discusses his career path to his current position, and also shares his views on the evolution of medical affairs.

Nov 5, 2019

This week, Sen takes us through a number of important announcements regarding changes to top executive positions in pharma during October. She also considers the impact these could have for the industry in the near future.